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To advance leadership opportunities and business advocacy in four of the region's largest growth industries, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation leads four industry-focused affiliates.


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CEC logoThe Colorado Energy Coalition (CEC) conducts research, publishes reports, and hosts various information series.

Resource Rich Colorado

Resource Rich Colorado is the CEC’s annual report on Colorado’s competitive position in energy, both nationally and internationally. First published in 2009, Resource Rich Colorado highlights Colorado’s position in the oil, natural gas, coal, renewable energy, and building efficiency sectors. The report also explores electric power generation, energy policies and programs, and Colorado’s employment and industry growth over time.

Colorado Energy Industry Cluster Study

Colorado is an energy-rich state with abundant fossil, renewable, and alternative fuel resources. The energy cluster is diverse with both fossil fuel-based energy including oil, coal, and natural gas and renewable energy such as wind, solar, and biomass that contributes to its competitive position in the global marketplace. The state's fossil fuel and renewable energy technologies, or cleantech, continue to drive job growth, fuel innovation and technology, and create new opportunities for economic prosperity.

The statewide Energy Industry Cluster Study evaluates Colorado's energy industry on an annual basis. The state is a world-class energy hub with 70,640 energy workers in 4,490 companies. Ranking fourth in the nation for employment concentration, the cleantech subcluster grew nearly 22.4 percent from 2011 to 2016, compared with 17.6 percent growth nationally. The fossil fuels subcluster ranked ninth in the nation for employment concentration and ninth in absolute employment.

Colorado Energy Employment Snapshot U.S. data in ( )
Fossil Fuels Cleantech
Direct Employment 44,370 26,270
Companies 2,360 2,130
Five-Year Employment Growth (2011-2016) 5.9% (-1.5%) 22.4% (17.6%)
One-Year Employment Growth (2016) -4.7% (-8.4%) 6% (5.7%)
Direct Employment Concentration (2016) 1.4% (1%) 0.8% (0.5%)
Average Wage $107,000 $79,100
Employment Concentration Ranking (Among 50 largest metros) 9 4