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To advance leadership opportunities and business advocacy in four of the region's largest growth industries, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation leads four industry-focused affiliates.






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Colorado Investment Services Industry Cluster Study

Colorado is a hotbed of investment services activity with an innovative ecosystem, strong workforce, and exceptional quality of life for companies to grow and expand. Ranking 12th out of the 50 states in investment services employment concentration in 2016, the investment services subcluster is a vital component of Colorado’s economy and is experiencing unprecedented growth.

The statewide Investment Services Cluster Study evaluates Colorado’s investment services industry on an annual basis. In 2016, the 31,750 direct investment services workers earning $5.4 billion supported an additional 42,400 indirect workers earning $2.3 billion in all industries throughout the state. In total, the investment services subcluster in Colorado supports 74,140 workers earning $7.7 billion annually. Investment services companies continue to grow and the larger firms are expanding their presence in the state.