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Top-Three Reasons We Choose to Live and Work in Metro Denver

This summer, we wanted to learn more about what inspired our digital agents to participate in our Metro Denver E-Force campaign, a program that asks area professionals to share information about the region's growing economy with their social media networks.

To find out what kept our digital agents engaged in our program, we asked them for feedback on why they live in Metro Denver and what kind of content related to Metro Denver’s business climate they enjoy sharing with their online networks.

Based on our survey, here’s a look at the top-three reasons our agents enjoy living and working in Metro Denver:

  1. Weather and Climate – No surprise here, with more than 300 days of sunshine, access to the great Rocky Mountains, and weather for all four seasons, Coloradoans are active year-round in this beautiful setting.
  2. People – agents love the people here for their openness, education, youth, diversity, and appreciation for the outdoors. Colorado residents are some of the healthiest in the country and 36 percent of us have a bachelor’s degree or higher, giving our state the third-most highly educated workforce.
  3.  Business Climate – Metro Denver’s business scene is continuing to grow and mature, ranking sixth in the nation of best places for business and careers. Colorado is also ranked No. 5 on Forbes’ 2013 “Best States for Business,” expected to have the third- fastest growth for both jobs and household incomes over the next five years. We pride ourselves in our strong industries of aerospace, bioscience, energy, information technology, and financial services. Other favorite qualities about Metro Denver that keep our agents living in the region include cultural amenities and lifestyle. We have seven professional sports teams, world-renowned museums, live performances, and a thriving downtown. 

We’re not surprised by their feedback. All of our agents are walking testaments to our   regional brand of “Energetic Bodies. Energetic Minds.” People who live in Metro Denver thrive on maintaining a healthy work/life balance by taking advantage of our proximity to culture, recreation, and nature.

Our E-Force agents also shared with us their love for sharing business news about Metro Denver and getting involved in promoting economic development in the region. Their favorite news to post about the region includes economic updatesrankings, and company expansions.

“I am a proud Metro Denver native and want to see the people of this city thrive,” said E-Force agent Nathan Jansch, owner and general manager of Boardroom Executive Suites. “As a result, I want to do what I can to help promote the wonderful city that we live in. If anyone out there loves being in Metro Denver as much as I do, I encourage them to shout it from the rooftops how great Metro Denver truly is.”

Do you agree with our digital agents? Share your favorite reasons for living and working in Metro Denver in the comments below. And if you’re interested in shouting from the rooftops about how great Metro Denver is, be sure to sign up to be a digital agent today.


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