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Health and innovation are a state of mind.

Kelly Brough

President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Meet Kelly

Kelly J. Brough is the President and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. An avid cyclist and Denver Broncos fan, she is a Metro Denver business leader living the Energetic Bodies. Energetic Minds. brand. 

Kelly’s Energetic Mind

  • Current job: Advocating for more than 3,000 member companies in Colorado with 300,000 employees.
  • Holds an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver.
  • Recruited her parents and brother’s family to Denver, all of which are closely knit with her own family; including two daughters. Speaking of her brothers, Kelly’s TEDx talk is titled “I survived by outrunning my brothers” – an apt description of her early childhood. 

Kelly’s Energetic Body 

  • Cycled 471 miles from Boulder to Golden at this year’s Ride the Rockies – that’s a 33,495’ elevation gain!
  • Led the charge in making the Chamber a healthy workforce in our newly remodeled, open office space, complete with standing desks, a treadmill, an open staircase, and fresh fruit on hand.
  • Generates ideas while doing cardio by conducting walking meetings in LoDo. 

5280 Altitude = Can do Attitude

Prior to joining the Chamber, Kelly served as Chief of Staff for the City of Denver and Mayor John Hickenlooper overseeing a general fund of $857 million. As the first female Director of Human Resources for the City of Denver, Kelly led significant reforms including moving the City to a full pay for performance system and establishing the City’s first bonus plan program.    

How does she accomplish all of this and still have time to cross basketball dunking, major league homerun hitting, soccer goal scoring, and perfecting the end zone dance off of her bucket list? The answer: multitasking. Holding the title for fastest thumbs in the west, Kelly is a technology juggling master. She’s also not afraid to jump on her bike with her board members and brainstorm solutions to Colorado's most vexing problems.

Kelly Brough

Fun Facts

  • Favorite restaurant: Who's buying?
  • First job: Dairy Queen 
  • Favorite concert venue: Red Rocks 
  • Best thing about Colorado: Blue skies and sunshine
  • Hobbies: Cycling, reading and anything with my girls