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Metro Denver is an IT recruiter's dream

IT-software posted 5.3 percent employment growth between 2016 and 2017, rising for the seventh-consecutive year. The region has the eighth highest employment concentration in IT-software in the nation, employing 2.5 percent of the region’s total employment base. IT-software reached its highest employment base in 2017 since the early 2000s. Denver and Boulder counties are building a vibrant, strong, and growing technology community. In 2017, Boulder and Denver counties represented 45 percent of total IT-software employment in the region. 

Metro Denver IT - Software Employment Snapshot
Direct Employment 58,190
Companies 5,550
Five-Year Employment Growth (2012-2017) 32.2% (26.1%)
One-Year Employment Growth (2017) 5.3% (3.8%)
Direct Employment Concentration (2017) 2.5% (1.9%)
Average Wage $110,160
Employment Concentration Ranking (Among 50 largest metros) 8

The region is a top information technology location, offering:

  1. The ability to attract and retain high-quality IT professionals and technical talent
    • Nearly 40 percent of Coloradans have at least a bachelor’s degree, the second-highest college attainment rate in the nation behind Massachusetts. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016 American Community Survey)
    • Denver ranked as the eighth-best market for entrepreneurs in 2017. (American City Business Journals, 2017)
    • Denver is a strong tech job creator and tech talent attractor, with nearly 3,500 more tech jobs than graduates. (CBRE, 2017)
    • Denver ranked No. 8 in the nation among the “Top 15 Cities for Women in Tech” with more than 24 percent of Denver’s tech jobs filled by women. (SmartAsset, 2017)
    • Boulder (first) and Metro Denver (third) ranked among the top 10 metro areas for female entrepreneurs in 2017. (Version 2.0 Communications, 2017)
  2. Direct access to a large and growing customer base
    • Nearly 130 startup companies raised more than $780 million in funding in 2016, an increase of nearly $100 million over 2015 and marking Colorado’s best year of tech funding (Built In Colorado, 2017)
    • Metro Denver was named as the seventh-best metro area for the creation and development of small businesses. (American City Business Journals, 2017)
  3. Low to moderate costs of doing business and a competitive tax structure

    Colorado's simplified corporate income tax structure based on single-factor apportionment allows companies to pay taxes based solely on their sales in the state. Along with few regulatory burdens, Colorado's corporate income tax rate of 4.63 percent is one of the lowest and most competitive tax structures in the nation. (State of Colorado; The Tax Foundation)

IT companies have a voice and support network through the Colorado Technology Association, which works to foster innovation and a positive growth environment in the technology industry.