Rocky Mountain PBS campaign shines spotlight on Colorado’s aerospace industry

October 30, 2014

DENVER - Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014 -  Colorado’s dynamic aerospace industry is garnering statewide attention and awareness through a promotional campaign appearing during the next six months on Rocky Mountain PBS.

The campaign will feature five, 30 second on-air messages touting Colorado’s role as a leading aerospace state in key aspects such as economic impact and military space assets, human spaceflight, climate and environmental monitoring, GPS and remote sensing, and education/research in space science and engineering.

The “Colorado: A Mile Closer to Space” awareness campaign kicked off on Oct. 14 for the prime-time premier of MAKERS: Women & Space, which documented the leading role of female astronauts in building our nation’s space program. The spots will also accompany Colorado Experience episodes on NORAD (airing Nov. 13) and the Cold War, as well as ongoing episodes of NOVA and PBS Newshour.

"Colorado has one of the most diversified, high potential space economies in the nation and aerospace is an outsized driver of Colorado's economy,” said Jay Lindell, aerospace and defense industry champion for the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

Sponsored by the Colorado Space Coalition, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, United Launch Alliance, and the University of Colorado Boulder, the partnership to bring awareness to Colorado’s dynamic aerospace economy is symbolic of the cooperative atmosphere in which the state’s aerospace companies operate.

In fact, Lockheed Martin Space Systems and United Launch Alliance are preparing for a significant milestone in Colorado’s aerospace history—the Dec. 4 uncrewed test launch of the Orion spacecraft.

NASA’s first spacecraft designed for long-duration, human-rated deep space exploration, Orion will eventually transport human explorers to destinations beyond low Earth orbit, such as asteroids, the moon, and eventually Mars. For its December test flight, Orion will launch atop United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

“The space technology built right here in Colorado touches millions of lives around the world every day,” said Jim Crocker, Lockheed Martin’s vice president and general manager of Civil Space. “Space gives us the practical benefits of GPS and weather prediction, the strategic advantages of stronger global security, and the inspirational achievements of exploration and discovery. The men and women of Colorado’s aerospace industry are instrumental in delivering those innovations to the world.”

“United Launch Alliance is proud to launch the nation’s most precious space assets, including the first launch of the Orion spacecraft,” says Tory Bruno, ULA president and CEO. “With ULA headquartered in Colorado, America’s ride to space begins here, and we’re proud to support this PBS campaign to educate the state and region about the impact of the Colorado aerospace industry.”

Colorado’s aerospace brand­­—A Mile Closer to Space—exemplifies the state’s No. 1 position for its number of aerospace workers per capita and its role as the U.S. center of military space, in addition to major contractors, significant projects, and world-class research universities and facilities.

“Universities fulfill a pivotal role in the growing Colorado aerospace and space sciences economy. At CU-Boulder we're proud of our 18 astronaut alums, the hundreds of graduates working on high-profile projects in Colorado, and the next generation of space scientists and engineers we're educating,” said CU-Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano. “Our partnerships with industry are critical to the success of our aerospace endeavors and we’re pleased to join the other campaign sponsors to highlight the role Colorado plays in the national aerospace economy.”

Rocky Mountain PBS is Colorado’s only statewide television network, with stations in Denver (KRMA), Pueblo/Colorado Springs (KTSC), Steamboat Springs (KRMZ), Grand Junction (KRMJ) and Durango (KRMU). With nearly 900,000 viewers throughout Colorado and the neighboring states of Wyoming and Nebraska, Rocky Mountain PBS’s mission is to enrich the lives of Coloradans through engaging and essential programs, services, and community partnerships that inform, enlighten, and entertain.

About the Colorado Space Coalition
The Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) is a group of industry stakeholders working to make Colorado a center of excellence for aerospace. CSC members--including space companies, military leaders, academic organizations, research centers, and economic development groups--promote Colorado's significant space assets as well as advancing legislation vital to industry growth and success. The CSC is an industry affiliate of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, with the Colorado Economic Development Commission providing major financial contributions to the CSC’s marketing initiatives. To learn more, see and

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