Japanese firm Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. expands to U.S. market, opens HQ in Colorado

November 10, 2016

Future Venture Capital, Co., Ltd. (FVC), one of Japan’s most prestigious venture capital firms, announced today its expansion into the US Market, specifically northern Colorado. FVC will operate a fully owned subsidiary in the US as FVC Americas (FCVA) with Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga, serving as President. Whereas Colorado’s venture capital firms have traditionally been based in Denver or Boulder, FVCA will be headquartered in Fort Collins, a city recently heralded by The Smithsonian Institution as “the next city of innovation” after Silicon Valley. FVCA will provide additional – and unique – resources to Colorado’s already burgeoning startup community.

“Colorado already leads the globe with regard to its density of entrepreneurial activities,” says FVCA President, Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga. “With a presence in Fort Collins and a comprehensive approach to supporting small and startup businesses, FVCA builds on an already strong community. It will undoubtedly bolster our growing network of entrepreneurs in northern Colorado and beyond.” 

FVCA will offer a multitude of resources to small businesses and entrepreneurs through its partners and FVC, including venture capital investment - which is only one of its many tools available. Recognized for its unique and non-traditional approach, FVC offers a breadth and depth of resources to startups including workspace, education, events, mentors, strategic partners, and exit support. Seasoned advisors can guide in critical areas like prototype development, sales and marketing channel development and Intellectual Property (IP) strategy.

“Empowering and connecting synergistic partners to strengthen the community has always been at the forefront of FVC’s mission. FVCA will help us connect promising venture enterprises in Colorado to large Japanese companies interested in working with and investing in Colorado ventures.” remarked Yuji Fujinaga, Chief Strategy Officer of FVC. “After working closely with Dr. Otsuga, we became aware of a vibrant start-up environment in Colorado, and we look forward to positively impacting its community. For nearly 20 years we have contributed to the growth and success of ventures in small and medium communities in Japan. We’re excited to continue our work in the United States, starting in Colorado.”

What Colorado Thought-Leaders are Saying:

City of Fort Collins
“Today’s announcement continues to solidify the collaborative relationship between the City of Fort Collins and Future Venture Capital that was initiated earlier this year,” said Josh Birks, City of Fort Collins Economic Health Director. “With FVC and its strengths, we’re excited to integrate valuable international experience and influence into our innovation ecosystem, energizing our already vibrant local economy. We look forward to working together in an effort to retain, develop, and recruit innovative startups and small businesses.”

Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation 
“We applaud the news of FVC’s location of its Americas headquarters office in Fort Collins,” said Tom Clark, CEO of the Metro Denver EDC. “Given Colorado’s position as one of the most innovative U.S. states, we look forward to working with FVC to elevate Colorado’s enterprising business climate and innovative companies in order to promote vital connections between investors in Japan and entrepreneurs in Colorado.”

Rockies Venture Club
Executive Director, Peter Adams said "We're excited to have Future Venture Capital come to Colorado and become a part of our thriving ecosystem. Having access to great investment opportunities here in Colorado is a benefit both to FVC and to great Colorado companies with a strategy to grow through venture capital funding. Rockies Venture Club is pleased to be able to work with such a well respected international venture capital firm."