York Space Systems partners with Metropolitan State University of Denver for the establishment of new satellite manufacturing facility

February 28, 2017

York Space Systems, an aerospace company specializing in complete space segment customer solutions and the manufacture of small and medium class spacecraft, today announced an agreement with Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) for the establishment of its new manufacturing facility and Mission Operations Center located on campus, supporting full production of the company's proprietary S-Class platform.

"York Space Systems believes in the potential for Colorado to become a prominent hub for aerospace innovation and our work with Metropolitan State University of Denver presents a unique opportunity to support the training, education, and employment of future industry leaders," said Dirk Wallinger, CEO and co-founder of York Space Systems. "The public-private partnership agreement with the University will not only further the growth trajectory for the community, but also propel Colorado into the future of aerospace engineering and technology."

Under the agreement, York Space Systems' innovative factory will be located within MSU's new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences building as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute, opening mid-2017. The facility will house York Space Systems' full engineering and design team, production facility, as well as a Mission Operations Center to operate spacecraft on-orbit, in real-time. In addition to supporting York's premiere mission, the Harbinger Mission, the factory will enable production capability for up to 150-200 satellites per year.

"This partnership is a manifestation of our belief that we create public, private partnerships where students gain theory and practice, and our partners have the opportunity to advance their own companies," said Stephen M. Jordan, MSU Denver President. "Having the opportunity to work with York Space Systems as they greatly impact Colorado's Aerospace industry is an exciting opportunity not only for our students but also faculty, and the community."

Through the partnership with York Space Systems, MSU students of the Aviation and Aerospace Science Department will now have the opportunity to collaborate on ongoing development projects, develop new projects, access to internship opportunities, part-time employment and work/study programs, as well as senior design culminating projects to help launch a career in the aerospace industry and develop new companies of their own.

"We could not be more thrilled to have York Space Systems as a partner in our workforce development efforts in both the aerospace and advanced manufacturing arenas," said Robert Park, Ph.D., Director of MSU Denver's Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute. "It is truly exciting to imagine our students working alongside York's engineers on the design and construction of satellites that'll be launched into space and, on top of that, having them participate in the on orbit control of the satellites they helped build. And, this will all be happening right on Campus."