Family Village: A Longmont cooperative awarded Advance Longmont Startup Grant

July 13, 2018

The Longmont Economic Development Partnership (EDP) awarded Family Village $3,000 grant as part of the Advance Longmont Startup Grant program to assist local startups that have been in business for less than two years. 

Family Village, located at 350 Terry St, Longmont 80501in the CoSolve building, is a destination for mothers re-entering in the workforce to find a community. Incorporated with a daycare center for children, the ecosystem allows mothers to find suitable/flexible daycare for their children while looking to network and even pick up new skills to enter back into the workforce. 

In a prepared statement owner Melanie Piazza noted “Family Village is a cooperative community center providing support, fitness, therapy and professional classes, community space, events and childcare for local families. The idea is to build this village to give parents the chance to take care of their personal, business and social needs without the need to pay enormous childcare costs.  

This money is instrumental in supporting Family Village to get through this early phase of opening.  Without taking out loans and without any investment income, Family Village is functioning solely on the income provided via our memberships and donations from the community.  While it is a challenge to sustain ourselves this way, it enables us to function with the sole focus on our members’ needs and our role in fulfilling those needs.  This money gives us some relief in being able to operate while we continue to increase our membership count.  What an incredible gift.” 

The Advance Longmont Startup Grant is designed to support Longmont’s startup businesses in their launch efforts. Informed by the goals of both the Advance Longmont economic development strategy and Envision Longmont master plan, the Advance Longmont Startup Grant program provides funding to local startups that have been in business less than two years to assist with the cost of permitting and licensing, regulatory compliance, equipment purchases and other startup associated costs. This program reimburses eligible expenses, up to the preapproved grant amount, for projects that submit an application and meet all of the criteria of the grant program. Funded by the City of Longmont, the Advance Longmont Startup Grant awards up to $3,000 to startups that have launched or will launch in Longmont.