Industry Affiliates

To advance leadership opportunities and business advocacy in four of the region's largest growth industries, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation leads four industry-focused affiliates.

Colorado Resource Council

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The Colorado Resource Council (CRC) is an organization of companies, educational institutions, research labs and trade associations that benefit from the growth of Colorado’s diverse resource industries linked by the nexus to natural resources. The Council is also open to businesses that support the cluster. The cluster includes oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, and water to encourage a strong and diversified group that promotes the growth of Colorado’s economy through responsible development and use of these resources. The Colorado Resource Council expands and replaces the Colorado Energy Coalition.

The Colorado Resource Council recognizes the unique and diverse workforce in Colorado for companies tied to such industries no matter where they operate. The Council conducts bi-monthly events or meetings to explore key areas of the resource economy. 

Membership in the CRC is a benefit to investors in the Metro Denver EDC. Proposed CRC members must also be in positions and have expertise that supports CRC goals and objectives.