The Metro Denver region has all the things businesses need to flourish, including a young, healthy, highly educated workforce, an affordable cost of doing business, and a multimodal transportation system that will take us years into the future.


The City and County of Broomfield is a flourishing work and live community serving as a creative and high-tech hub conveniently located in the Metro Denver area. Located equidistant between Denver and Boulder, Broomfield is central to the continental United States with the added bonus of beautiful Front Range mountain vistas. 

Business Climate

With Denver International Airport (DEN) 30 minutes away, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport right in Broomfield's backyard, major transportation corridors (Interstate 25, U.S. 36, U.S. 287, and E-470/Northwest Parkway) nearby, there’s no limit to Broomfield’s efficient accessibility to all major international, United States, and metro industry markets and destinations.

Major freeways, highways, and public transportation in the area allow Broomfield companies to draw labor from the entire Metro Denver area. Broomfield companies are the beneficiaries, with the metro area ranked among the top 20 in the country for educational attainment. More than 30 national and international corporations have located their corporate headquarters in the City of Broomfield because of its highly educated workforce and close proximity to the University of Colorado Boulder.

Broomfield offers a wide array of amenities in the community that make employee recruitment and retention easy. Broomfield residents, business owners, and employees enjoy an exceptional quality of life and business atmosphere.



Economic Development Resources

Broomfield and its partners work with businesses looking for new locations. Existing businesses of all sizes with expansion plans will also find a partner in Broomfield. Whether it’s technical assistance, business finance, investments, development agreements, site selection assistance, jobs, or development opportunities, a wide array of tools exists to assist with business growth in Broomfield.

Jeff Romine
Director of Development Finance and Economist
City & County of Broomfield