Educational Attainment

With a diverse employment base across a large range of industry sectors, Metro Denver takes great pride in its highly educated workforce. 

Colorado has one of the nation's most educated workforces, ranking second among the 50 states for percentage of residents (42.7 percent) with a bachelor's degree or higher.

In addition, 92.4 percent of Metro Denver and 92.3 percent of Northern Colorado residents have completed high school – almost four percent higher than the national rate.

Educational Attainment
Metro Denver N. Colorado Colorado U.S.
High School Diploma 92.4% 92.3% 92.4% 88.6%
Bachelor's Degree/Higher 47.6% 40.0% 42.7% 33.1%
Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, American Community Survey


Metro Denver also places strong emphasis on K-12 education excellence. Colorado's high school students have some of the nation's highest scores for college entrance exams.

College Entrance Test Scores *Colorado is one of 18 states where all 11th-grade students are required to take the test.
Colorado USA
American College Test (ACT) 20.6 20.8
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) 1201 1060
Source: Colorado Department of Education; ACT, Inc.; and College Board, 2017