International Trade

Metro Denver's strategic location, diverse industry mix, and fast-growing international airport make it a highly strategic location for international trade.

At the center of world commerce and trade

Denver’s central U.S. location on the 105th meridian at the midpoint between Tokyo and Frankfurt makes it a strategic choice for conducting international business. With its unique Mountain time zone location, Denver is the largest U.S. city offering one-bounce satellite uplinks to world satellite networks and real-time connections to six out of seven continents in one business day.

Colorado’s five largest trading partners for goods are:

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • China

  • Japan

  • Korea

Denver International Airport currently offers 22 nonstop international flights in nine countries, including the daily nonstop to Tokyo launched in 2013, and most recently, nonstop destinations to Vancouver (May 2017), Panama (April 2017), London (April 2017), Belize (March 2017), Mexico (December 2016), Munich (May 2016), Montreal (June 2016), and Guadalajara (July 2014).