International Trade

Metro Denver's strategic location, diverse industry mix, and fast-growing international airport make it a highly strategic location for international trade.


With an ideal location and the business resources necessary for international trade, Metro Denver is expanding trade with partners on six continents.

  • Metro Denver is strategically located between Canada and Mexico, allowing it to capitalize on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) opportunities.
  • With its unique Mountain time zone location, Denver is the largest U.S. city offering one-bounce satellite uplinks to world satellite networks.
  • The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade's International Trade Office offers consulting, along with grants to cover travel costs and other business expenses for small Colorado companies seeking to expand in international markets.

2016 Export Summary

Total Exports

Colorado exports decreased 5.1 percent in 2016 to $7.56 billion, down from $7.95 billion in 2015.

Trading Partners

Colorado's five largest trading partners, their export value in 2016, and percentage of growth over 2015:

  • Canada ($1.3 billion, -5.6 percent)
  • Mexico ($1.07 billion, -0.8 percent)
  • China ($590.5 million, -10.8 percent)
  • Japan ($444.1 million, -4.8 percent)
  • Korea ($393.5 million, 18.2 percent) 

Exported Products 

  • Computers and electronic products ($618.2 million)
  • Beef, fresh ($416.6 million)
  • Medical instruments ($389.1 million)
  • Beef, frozen ($286.8 million)
  • Orthopedic appliances ($200.9 million)
  • Physical and microtome instruments ($187.9 million)