Metro Denver is a national model for regional cooperation in economic development, political action, culture, and sports.

Our region has a long history of getting big projects done. In the last three decades, the region diversified its oil and gas-dependent economy, spearheaded construction of the nation’s only new airport in the past 25 years, and rolled on the nation’s largest, single transit buildout.


It’s no secret that Metro Denver attracts talent. More than 43 percent of our residents have a bachelor’s degree or better. While Metro Denver attracts workers from all over the world, it’s also growing its own energetic minds.

A robust educational system—from preschool to post-doctorate—prepares a workforce that’s well matched to the evolving needs of today’s workplace.


Our state is second to none in concentrated talent, making Metro Denver a crucible for innovation and entrepreneurism. Partnerships among our research universities and national laboratories and the business community breeds company success.

Our entrepreneurial business environment is propelling forward with dynamic industries, significant venture capital awards, and high concentrations of scientific and research talent.


With a modern and efficient international airport, the Metro Denver region’s central location and growing economy combine to make the area one of the country’s most important transportation hubs.

Metro Denver is a model for the country when it comes to solving transportation challenges, taking steps to reduce sprawl, and create new neighborhoods along transit. We’re definitely keeping our eyes on the road ahead.

Health & Wellness

Metro Denver’s dynamic outdoor environment and emphasis on health combine to make it one of the healthiest regions in the United States.

It’s no secret Metro Denver is positively preoccupied with staying fit and healthy. Attribute it to our nearly 300 days of spectacular sunshine, exceptionally mild climate, or the Rocky Mountains in our back yard. The fact is Metro Denver has a balanced lifestyle where health, family, and career complement one another.

Energetic minds driving an innovation economy

USPTO gravitated to Denver for satellite office

Colorado’s ever-increasing reputation as one of the nation’s leading states for innovation soared even higher in 2012 when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) chose Denver as one of four satellite offices. Initially, the office will employ 130, growing to as many as 595 staff with a $439 million economic impact within five years.

The USPTO chose Denver because the region:

  • Has one of the highest per capita rates of people with science and technology degrees.
  • Has relatively low living costs.
  • Offers an outstanding quality of life.
  • Offers a desirable location in which to recruit and retain the most talented workers.

On June 30, 2014, the USPTO opened its permanent satellite location in Denver. The office is the second to open out of four satellite offices announced by the USPTO including those in Detroit, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Jose, Calif. To commence the ceremony, opening remarks were delivered by Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for IP and USPTO Deputy Director Michelle K. Lee. 

The offices are designed to foster American innovation in the global marketplace, while at the same time help speed up the patent process, which had a backlog of 700,000 applications before the U.S. recession hit in 2008.  

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