Scientific & Research Talent

World-class research universities set the stage for innovation

World-class research universities set the stage for innovation

Colorado's world-class research institutions are leaders for funding and turning out scientific and research talent:

  • The University of Colorado System
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Colorado State University

Consider these facts: 

  • University of Colorado Boulder researchers were awarded nearly $593 million in research grants in the 2020 fiscal year, continuing a decade’s worth of robust growth in sponsored research funding for the campus.
  • The University of Colorado is a top-20 institution among world universities granted U.S. utility patents in 2019. Bioscience, clean technologies, environmental engineering, aerospace, and atmospheric sciences are examples of the major industry sectors that benefit from Colorado’s research universities and federal laboratories.
  • Colorado School of Mines recently welcomed the largest fleet of autonomous electric vehicles in the nation that connect campus and Golden. The Mines Rover is a 100% electric, driverless shuttle, exploring the new frontiers of autonomous technology in Colorado. In 2020, Colorado State University spent $407 million on research activities, a record for the school and a 2% increase on finding from 2019. The university had more than 4,200 active research programs in 2020 despite the pandemic.
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