From pre-school to high school, Metro Denver has first-class educational resources to engage our energetic young minds and prepare them for tomorrow's workforce. Colorado's commitment to education extends Pre-K to post grad.

Metro Denver is committed to quality education

Pre-Kindergarten-12 education in Metro Denver offers many choices, including high-quality public schools with alternative learning environments such as charter and magnet schools, and private and parochial schools.

Pre-K Initiatives

A significant aspect of Metro Denver's focus on preparing students for the workforce involves pre-kindergarten (pre-K) education. The region invests in preschool education to close achievement gaps, better prepare young children for learning, raise graduation rates, and further build its well-educated workforce.

Approved by Denver votes in 2006 and reauthorized in 2014 to extend to 2026, the Denver Preschool Program is funded by a .15 percent sales tax. Since the initial authorization 2006, the program has provided nearly $138 million in tuition support to 60,000 children.

K-12 Options

In Metro Denver, the focus of K-12 education is choice. Both public and private schools offer an array of educational options for primary and secondary students.

In 2019, the Colorado State Legislature passed a bill funding full-day kindergarten for all Colorado children. This contributed to a significant increase in full-day kindergarten enrollment in 2019-20 school year, closing opportunity and achievement gaps for over 60,000 Coloradans.

This program, in addition to the Colorado Preschool Program, which provides funding for up to 29,360 children considered to be at-risk for later school failure to attend half- or full-day preschool, means Colorado will continue to produce curious, insightful students, professionals and life-long learners.

The region's K-12 education system includes:

  • 19 public school districts
  • Private schools
  • Charter schools
  • Magnet schools
  • International baccalaureate programs
  • Parochial schools
  • Montessori schools
  • English Primary schools

Although excellent private schools are available in Metro Denver, they are not utilized as highly as in other cities due to the quality of our public school system. 

  • Metro Denver schools all offer open enrollment, meaning that students living in one school district can attend a school in any other district. This allows parents to select schools that match each student's individual needs.
  • In response to Colorado's strong commitment to educational excellence, the State Board of Education has designed the education system to challenge academic standards. Criteria are in place for suggested grade level expectations and standards by subject areas. Accountability reports are also available by Metro Denver school districts.
  • Individuals and organizations in Colorado can establish their own schools and curricula to meet special needs within established Metro Denver school districts. These charter schools are approved by local school districts, assure local control, and receive funding from the local district and the state of Colorado.

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