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As Colorado’s largest, private economic development organization, we unite 250 of Colorado’s most influential companies with our partners to leverage the power of our collective expertise in corporate attraction and retention

Fuel the next phase of Colorado's economy

As Colorado’s largest, private economic development organization, we unite 250 of Colorado’s most influential companies with our partners to leverage the power of our collective expertise in: corporate attraction and retention, workforce development, domestic and global marketing of our region, investments in infrastructure, and public policy that promotes a pro-business climate. Guide that work and help secure our economic future as a Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC) investor.


Shape our region. Develop our future.

The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC) is the nation’s first regional economic development authority, bringing together the private sector with more than 70 cities, counties, and economic development agencies in the nine-county Metro Denver and Northern Colorado region.

As an investor in the Metro Denver EDC, you guide our work, helping secure our economic future. You won’t just be the first to know about corporate relocations or infrastructure projects, you drive that process. For the investors at our table, it’s not about dividing the existing market share, it’s about growing the economy for everyone. 

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Leadership opportunities in the Metro Denver EDC

Executive Committee - Consists of Metro Denver EDC investors, representing a cross-section of the region’s industries. The Committee is co-chaired by two investors serving two-year terms. The Committee oversees the Metro Denver EDC's budget, work plan, programs, activities, and directs the allocation of program funding. The Chair of the Metro Denver EDC’s Professional’s Group serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee. Meets 12 times per year.

Board of Governors - Comprised of all investors in the Metro Denver EDC. Members serve as volunteers in drafting the annual work plan and serving on committees and special task forces. This group is the Metro Denver EDC's major asset base and provides the expertise to achieve optimum results. Meets 6 times a year

Metro Denver EDC Professionals - Comprised of Metro Denver EDC’s economic development partners throughout the region. The Chair of this group serves on the Executive Committee. This group will often meet in conjunction with the Board of Governors and helps the Metro Denver EDC develop its annual economic development work plan, marketing programs, and economic policy recommendations. The group also organizes trade shows and missions and is instrumental coordinating the organization's annual Site Selection Conference. Meets 6 times a year

The Metro Denver EDC's Industry Affiliates:

Colorado Resource Council (CRC) - An organization of companies, educational institutions, research labs and trade associations that benefit from the growth of Colorado’s diverse resource industries linked by the nexus to natural resources. The Council is also open to businesses that support the cluster. The cluster includes oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, and water to encourage a strong and diversified group that promotes the growth of Colorado’s economy through responsible development and use of these resources. The Colorado Resource Council expands and replaces the Colorado Energy Council.

Colorado Investment Services Coalition (CISC) – An industry affiliate of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation that works collaboratively to advocate for and promote the state’s robust investment services and management industry. Consisting of Colorado’s largest investment services firms, the Coalition is leading initiatives focused on talent attraction and development within the industry through concerted partnerships with area colleges and universities. Coalition members also advocate for legislative policy at the state and federal level conducive to industry growth and job creation in Colorado. 

Metro Denver Aviation Coalition (MDAC) - A membership committee of the Metro Denver EDC dedicated to the continued growth and development of Metro Denver’s aviation industry. Denver International Airport is a core engine and catalyst for Metro Denver’s economic growth, and additional growth opportunities are also supported by our region’s broader aviation system. MDAC members represent a wide range of businesses that collectively recognize these opportunities and the economic benefits they present.

Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) - The CSC is a group of industry stakeholders working to make Colorado a center of excellence for aerospace. CSC members promote Colorado’s significant space assets as well as advancing legislation vital to industry growth and success. The CSC membership represents a consortium of Colorado's major defense companies, aerospace companies, military bases, universities and research institutions, industry organizations and associations, and economic development organizations.

For more information on investment in the Metro Denver EDC, contact Cayti Stein, vice president of investor relations, 303.620.8074. 



Put your expertise to work for the region’s future

Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC) investors are the region’s largest stakeholders and strong community-minded businesses, governments, and local/regional economic development organizations. Metro Denver EDC’s investors and partners support the organization’s mission to brand the metro area as a vital, sustainable hub for new-economy businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers.

The Metro Denver EDC is an affiliate of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

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