Location Factors

Metro Denver's strategic location, diverse industry mix, and fast-growing international airport make it a highly strategic location for international trade.

Located on the 105th meridian, Metro Denver's central location at the exact midpoint between Tokyo and Frankfurt positions the region favorably to serve growing world markets. 

From energy to aerospace and aviation, to bioscience, information technology and financial services, Metro Denver offers a healthy blend of knowledge-based industries and the second-most highly educated workforce in the United States.


International Trade Overview 

United States - Metro Denver is only 346 miles west of the geographic center of the continental United States, offering an excellent location for doing business with the entire nation, especially the fast-growing western and southwestern regions.

Mountain Time Zone - The Mountain Time Zone location allows efficient communication with both coasts as well as with Europe, South America, and Asia in the same business day.

One-Bounce Satellite - Denver is the largest U.S. city to offer one-bounce satellite uplinks that provide real-time connections to six out of seven continents in one business day.

Canada and Mexico - Metro Denver is also strategically located between Canada and Mexico, which are partners in the trilateral North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Exports to NAFTA partners represented more than 28% of Colorado's total export value in 2020.

International Flights - With direct flights to Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Munich, and Reykjavik, as well as several nonstop destinations in Canada and Mexico.

Direct Foreign Investment - International companies support 121,300 U.S. workers at jobs in Colorado.