Economic Development

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Economic development at altitude

The Metro Denver EDC is the nation’s first and only truly regional economic development entity, uniting more than 70 cities, counties, and economic development agencies in Metro Denver and Northern Colorado.


Success realized:

A catalyst for economic prosperity, the Metro Denver EDC achieved initial goal to create 100,000 new jobs by 2008.

  • In early 2009, the Metro Denver EDC successfully completed a five-year capital campaign to broaden its business leadership base and raise an additional $5 million over five years for programs to grow the economy.
  • Each of the Metro Denver EDC’s economic development partner organizations is committed to the economic vitality of the entire region, and is able to communicate the benefits of Metro Denver first—and individual communities second.

When site selectors or companies come to visit, we focus on their needs. Without pressure, we sharethe information organizations needed to make an informed decision, sharing the many ways being in Colorado can impact your company, workforce and self for the better. If you’re considering relocating or expanding your company, you won’t find a better resource than the Metro Denver EDC.