Political Cooperation

Political Cooperation

Working together for a vibrant future. It's how we do business in Metro Denver.


Put 40 politicians together in Metro Denver and what do you get? Consensus.


Issues like air quality, water use, housing affordability, growth, and transportation don’t stop at the city limits. In 1993, area leaders formed the Metro Mayors Caucus to create a neutral arena for the exchange of ideas on issues that affect our entire region. The Metro Mayor's Caucus has 40 members representing municipalities of all sizes located throughout the metro region.

Like the Metro Denver EDC, the Caucus fosters cooperation among its members and other governmental agencies. This unique collaboration provides leadership and creative solutions for the region’s most challenging issues such as growth management, multimodal transportation, energy conservation, affordable housing, and intergovernmental cooperation.

Regionalism spawns more cooperation:

  • The Metro Mayors Caucus, with 11 other civic and government organizations, formed the Denver Living Streets initiative.
  • The initiative supports multimodal, sustainable transportation and the integration of adjacent public spaces so people of all ages and physical abilities feel comfortable utilizing any mode of travel (walking, biking, public transit or car.)
  • The region's mayors also tackle growth management, water, housing, and health and wellness issues.