Canopy Aerospace Chooses Littleton for Headquarters

Canopy Aerospace, a startup manufacturer providing rapid, on-demand ceramic additive manufacturing for emerging space and hypersonic industries, has signed a seven-year lease in Littleton for their new headquarters. The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (EDC), alongside with several other organizations, helped Canopy Aerospace make the decision to settle in Metro Denver. 

“We chose Colorado because of its deeply connected space ecosystem and access to talented future hires from this community. Canopy is excited to establish ourselves here and build the future industrial base of additive ceramics for space and beyond,” said CEO and co-founder for Canopy Aerospace, Matt Shieh.

Since its founding in 2021, Canopy Aerospace has built out their Design for Additive Manufacturability (DfAM) analysis tool to quickly evaluate designs, established a frictionless customer portal with access to a full suite of high-performance ceramics, and is in the process of building out its v1 factory located in Denver, CO. Canopy provides a vertically-integrated manufacturing solution for high-precision ceramic components. The company has also secured agreements and licenses with NASA for high-temperature thermal protection systems manufacturing. The company currently serves DoD and commercial customers in aerospace and space with plans to expand into terrestrial industries requiring high-precision ceramics.

“The Metro Denver EDC is thrilled to have played a role in helping Canopy Aerospace choose Metro Denver,” said president of the Metro Denver EDC, Raymond H. Gonzales. “Colorado’s renown for its aerospace economy, partners and operations, and the fact that Canopy Aerospace chose our state is a testament to this. We cannot wait to see all they accomplish for Colorado’s aerospace industry.”

The Metro Denver EDC assisted in site selection with Canopy Aerospace, and also provided aerospace background that led the organization to their final decision.

About the Metro Denver EDC
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About Canopy Aerospace
Canopy is a software-defined, advanced manufacturing company addressing the global technical ceramics industry. Using additive manufacturing combined with a digital stack, the company manufactures technical ceramics at a fraction of the cost and lead time over traditional methods. Unlike other legacy factories, Canopy’s approach is built on a vertically-integrated manufacturing platform with proven technology. This capability fills a manufacturing gap in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) for space and terrestrial markets to include hypersonics, spacecraft, semiconductors, and automotives. Canopy investors include Hivers & Strivers, Penfed, Industrious Ventures, Caruso Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, Mana Ventures, and Gaingels.