Karman+ Set to Move to U.S. Location in Denver

DENVER – Karman+, a company that conducts research and missions to explore near-Earth asteroids for sustainable mineral resources, has announced that it will move to the U.S. location in the Metro Denver area in the coming months. The opening of this location was a collaborative effort led by Karman+, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver EDC) the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), and Denver Economic Development and Opportunity (DEDO).

Karman+’s decision was influenced by a multitude of unique draws from the region. Expecting to create 150 jobs over the course of seven years, Karman+ is developing a highly niche team that includes astronomers, astrophysicists, data engineers, data scientists and more with decades of experience. These highly skilled employees will fuel Karman+’s mission to mine near-Earth asteroids for abundant, sustainable water and mineral resources for the space economy.

"The addition of companies like Karman+ continues to position Colorado as a leader in aerospace,” said Raymond H. Gonzales, President of the Metro Denver EDC and Executive Vice President of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. “The company has all the ingredients they need for growth and success here: outstanding access to talent, customers and a collaborative aerospace community that’s second to none.” 

With such a unique team and a space-based mission, Karman+ was drawn to Colorado for its exceptional access to talent and leadership role in the aerospace industry. Building upon the company’s existing relationship with the  Colorado School of Mines, Karman+ leadership attended the 37th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, where OEDIT and the Colorado Space Coalition – an initiative of the Metro Denver EDC  – introduced the team to Colorado’s many unique space assets and the benefits of the state’s highly cohesive ecosystem of aerospace companies, academic organizations, military partners, and economic development groups who work to make Colorado the best place for aerospace business.

“The ability to extract and utilize space resources is essential for creating a sustainable space economy and can also help us achieve sustainable development goals here on Earth,” said Michael Gass, Colorado Space Coalition co-chair and retired president and chief executive officer of United Launch Alliance. “Karman+ is playing a leading role in making asteroid mining a reality, and we’re proud to welcome them to Colorado.”

“We embrace adventure as a core value and it's apparent that Colorado shares this spirit of adventure as well. The State of Colorado and the City of Denver have shown us their support for space exploration, which benefits not only us but an ecosystem of companies, research institutions, and organizations in the space domain with whom we hope to partner. We already knew Colorado is a great place to live; we are now convinced that it's the right place to grow our business and find our people,” said Daynan Cull, co-founder of Karman+.

While Colorado’s thriving and collaborative aerospace industry were major influences for Karman+ in their selection process, the company was also drawn to Denver for its culture and quality of life. Karman+’s core values combine a global citizenship approach to sustainable development with a drive for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and embracing adventure. The Karman+ team found that Denver provided the perfect lifestyle to meet these values, with an exceptional scientific community and thriving outdoor recreation and arts and culture industries that fuel sustainable research and opportunities for adventure. The decision reflects the Metro Denver EDC’s “Elevation Effect” brand effort, which highlights how, in a post-COVID workplace, more and more companies are looking for a location that can provide a vibrant lifestyle, visionary business environment and a strong economy and workforce. Karman+’s expansion into Denver shows how the Elevation Effect can be a deciding factor for companies both locally and internationally.

"OEDIT and the state of Colorado are committed to maintaining a business-friendly climate and a Colorado economy that works for everyone. Cutting-edge businesses like Karman+ are part of that ecosystem, advancing future technologies and the state's economy," said Pat Meyers, OEDIT executive director.

Through the combined work of Karman+, the Metro Denver EDC, OEDIT and other community leaders, Karman+ hopes to contribute to Colorado’s powerful aerospace industry and take a sustainable, carbon-neutral approach to their mission.


About the Metro Denver EDC

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