State Incentives

Colorado state and local governments provide incentives that focus on providing your company with opportunities for success in a business-friendly environment.

The state of Colorado offers several incentive programs that are available throughout the seven-county Metro Denver region and the two-county Northern Colorado area.

  • Job Growth Tax Incentive
    The Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit is a performance-based job creation incentive program that provides a state income tax credit equal to 50 percent of the FICA paid by the business on the net job growth for each calendar year in the credit period.
  • Strategic Fund Incentive
    The Strategic Fund Incentive program supports and encourages new business development, business expansions and relocations that have generated new jobs throughout the state. In some cases, the Strategic Fund may also be able to provide support for initiatives led by nonprofit entities pertaining to key industries or regional development.
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credits
    Colorado's Enterprise Zone (EZ) program provides tax incentives to encourage businesses to locate and expand in designated economically distressed areas of the state.
  • Job Training Grant Programs
    The Colorado First and Existing Industry grants are jointly administered by OEDIT and the Colorado Community College System. The state may be able to provide specific support to retain jobs or offers business-friendly tools that assist in retaining jobs (such as the Enterprise Zone Program) for this grant.
  • Manufacturing Sales and Use Tax Exemption
    Colorado encourages manufacturers to locate their manufacturing operations in Colorado recognizing their importance in Colorado's economy. Colorado provides an exemption from state sales and use tax on purchases of manufacturing machinery, machine tools and parts.
  • Sales Tax Exemption on Components for Production of Energy from Renewable Energy Sources
    Components used in the production of electricity from a renewable energy source are exempt from state sales and use tax.
  • Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit
    Helps Colorado advanced industry companies receive capital from Colorado investors.