Colorado Corporate Taxes

Colorado ranks among the top-10 states (10th) for best corporate tax system according to the Tax Foundation's 2021 State Business Tax Climate Index. Colorado's corporate income tax rate is a flat 4.55% assessed on Colorado net income, defined as the corporation's federal taxable income, with some modifications.

Colorado's Method of Apportioning Income

Single-factor legislation passed in 2008 simplified Colorado's corporate income tax structure through a single factor apportionment, which assesses taxes on a company’s sales in Colorado only.

Prior to single factor, the taxpayer could decide each year whether to use the standard three-factor formula (wages, property, and sales) or a special two-factor (property and sales) formula.

Unitary Taxation

Colorado has a liberal "water's edge" system of unitary taxation rather than a "worldwide" one. Specifically, foreign corporations, as well as "80/20" corporations (corporations with 80 percent of their property and payroll outside the U.S.) are not included in a Colorado income tax return. Corporations doing business in Colorado, as well as other states, must apportion to Colorado that part of their net income derived from sources within the state.  

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